After starting our operations in 2004, we became one of the first options in a very short time with our knowledge and experience. We have used our experience and know-how to “be the best” and “remain the best” in our business. We have never given up looking for the most ergonomic solutions, rather than the most economical ones.

Today, we work on the best projects using the best materials with our trust that we can always achieve more to create living spaces that best reflect you through our automated production in a closed area of 4000 m², with the quality equipment, qualified personnel and our monthly manufacturing capacity of nearly 15000 m². It will be our great pleasure to provide you with the “LACCA” quality in every product we deliver.


To become a worldwide brand by producing the best quality lacquer, natural and artificial coated cabinet doors by using developed and up-to-date technologies in line with our brand vision.


We are an organization focusing on customer satisfaction, aiming at competing with constantly-growing and developing international brands, making contributions to our country while remaining environment-friendly.



As LACCA, our environmental policy is:

To hand down a livable clean environment to the next generations by complying with all environmental laws and regulations to protect our environment, reducing the harmful effects in production, and processing all the product and manufacturing activities while raising environmental awareness.

To meet users needs by observing all the legal requirements regarding the environment and to ensure continuous development and improvement in this way;

To protect natural resources by reducing the use of raw materials, and using appropriate technologies that lead a minimum of damage to the environment within the frame of technical and economic possibilities;

To consider environmental factors in facility and process design and to improve our environmental management system;

To raise awareness of all our employees about our environmental responsibilities and to ensure the adoption of the very same sense;

To evaluate recycling and reusing alternatives by reducing the amount of waste that may occur as a result of production, handling, stocking, operation, treatment and maintenance activities;

To create the integrity of health, safety and environment as a part of the Occupational Health and Safety rules.